Not that this roster has abundant talent or talent that other teams covet, but as with the J Smiley rumor thing, there may be other players that provide some value to teams that are closer to SB contention than we are and need a piece here and there, either depth or a player with specific skill set i.e Fasano, Ted Ginn, Ronnie Brown, Thigpen, and others.

Philly has made the tough decision and has a stock pile of picks. Remember the Cowboys and their blockbuster trade for a ton of picks? Conversely, look at what trading all their draft picks for Ricky Williams did for the Saints.

Fins have pressing needs at too many positions to go at this and next years draft in a conventional way.

Fins have to find that one game breaking playmaker WR, TE, and RB (yes, I said running back), but also the defense is in need of talent and speed, none of which are available via FA.

So, my vote is that Trifecta packages players like above for as many draft picks as possible.

If not, it will take forever to turn this talentless roster around into contention for a SB.

Just sayin.