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Thread: Miami Dolphins: A dear Jason letter

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    Miami Dolphins: A dear Jason letter

    Dear Jason Taylor,

    Two summers ago, when you were off in California Dancing With The Stars, and in the middle of an ugly power struggle with Bill Parcells, I wrote you a dear Jason letter similar to this one.

    It stated that if you wanted out of this relationship, if you wanted to divorce the Dolphins fan base to find a new team you’d have to stop dancing around (get it), come around and say it. Say that it was over. Say you wanted to break up with the Dolphins. I felt you owned South Florida that much.

    You eventually left us. But even after being traded to Washington your love for South Florida and the Dolphins brought you right back one year later. You humbled yourself, waiting on the Trifecta to welcome you back after the 2009 draft, and took far less money than you deserved to play for the team you loved. You accepted the scraps thrown your way by this regime because this organization meant that much to you.

    Doing so proved your loyalty to the Dolphins, and their fan base. On the field you proved you were still a good player despite being miscast.

    I have no ideal how much you have left in the tank. But I still think you’ve got between 15 to 20 sacks left in that body over the next two season.
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    Dear Jason,

    WTF is the hurry to go sign with a team you hate?
    Why not wait the two weeks until the draft is concluded and see where we are?

    Bill Parcells
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