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Thread: Final Mock Draft

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    Final Mock Draft

    Okay, so my last mock before the actually picking starts. This mock draft focuses only on the picks we have and does not take into account any possible trades.

    Round 1. Jerry Hughes OLB TCU - Look, I know it's early, but I feel like Derrick Morgan is off the board at this point. Hopefully Dez Bryant will be available when the Phins pick so that we can possible entice someone to trade down and we can grab additional picks (Just saw on ESPN that Philly has talked to Miami about trading up). Hughes is the guy because he's proven, he has all the tangibles and has the numbers as well, a guy like Jason Pierre-Paul has certainly played well in college or he wouldnt be in the conversation, but only for one year and a lot of teams are banking on his potential to develop into a rush LB, Hughes already has all the tools he needs. Earl Thomas is another option here, but I think that fixing the pass rush is priority #1.

    Round 3. Reshad Jones S Georgia- His versatility makes him an enticing pick, he can play both safety positions. He has good size, strength and ran well. He should be a starter from day one, and should certainly outshine Gibril Wilson.

    Round 4. Dennis Pitta TE BYU- He's a proven kid, and just puts up good strong numbers every year. In my opinion, the Dolphins HAVE to walk away with a TE from this draft. Rob Gronkowski is the one I like the most, but he'll be long gone, I think Pitta is the right guy for this team.

    Round 5. O'Brien Schofield OLB Wisconsin - I know we have needs and picking an injured player doesnt make a bunch of sense, but I think this kid has a bright future and will surprise in the years to come. He was the star of the Senior Bowl (for the 17 minutes or so he actually was there...) and coaches were marveling at his dedication and ability to make the transition from DE to OLB.

    Round 6. Ekom Udofia NT Stanford - Parcells has a penchant for going after NT's late. Udofia is an interesting guy, he has quite an extensive injury history, but also has played well when on the field.

    Round 6. Deji Karim RB Southern Illinois - Crazy athletic guy, weighed in at 210 on his pro day but still managed a 4.37 40, also had a 43 inch vertical leap. He's an ideal 3rd down back, and I think would give some solid looks out of the Wildcat. He has 18 TD's and a 7.1 ypc in 2009.

    Round 6. Brandon Carter OG Texas Tech - I just love the level of crazy this guy brings. I think he'd just love to break faces in this league, just absolutely maul people. He's also gigantic. I want Bart Scott to be his personal charge....

    Round 7. Michah Johnson ILB Kentucky - dropped because of his 40 time, but is recovering from injury and I think we all know how overrated the 40 is. Our ILB's need depth badly because beyond Dansby, i'm not really confident in any of them.

    Round 7. Scott Long WR Louisville - very athletic, and nicely sized as well, he might be what we thought Patrick Turner was.

    Round 7. LeRoy Vann KR/PR Florida A&M - The only thing the Dolphins lost with Tedd Ginn Jr (aside from his entire family), was a clear cut KR/PR. Vann has taken 11 to the house in the past 2 years.

    There you have it.
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    I like the way you approached it, it addresses all of our needs, and you did your homework on the players. The one that sounds best to me is the Southern Ill RB. Good meaurables AND production, be-it in a weak conference, 7.1 ypc is impressive. I like that you addressed depth at ILB with Micah Johnson who I like too. Obviously our earliest picks have to be used on OLB and S...MAYYYYBE NT (but I don't think so). I think Reshad Jones is a good pick, I like Major Wright, but we agree on strategy there. Pitta is a good pick in round 4, I like Aaron Hernandez he's real athletic and can line up standing in a 5-wide, which I expect to see some of with Henne and the Beast out there. Pitta would be a better blocker in the run game, though, and we don't want to veer from the run game just because our pass offense improves...its our identity. Either pick, I would like. I am not too sure about the injured players, simply because, look at how they treated Zach with the concussion issues, and a solid player in Smiley, who has a history of injuries, hell even Ronnie Brown has been rumored to be on the block today...they are trying to build a deep, healthy, sturdy team and I think they will shy away from injury-prone. I could be wrong though. I like a late-round DT Torrell Troup from UCF. Has a good work ethic, dropped 30 lbs for his sr. season after being overweight and having a bad junior year. Said to be a good fit for a 3-4. I personally like big massive block-eating NT's which I think this kid can be and is willing to work to be. Good post you know your stuff. As far as PR/KR I like Arenas, McCluster, Jacoby Ford, the kid you mentioned sounds great 11 total is impressive.
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