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Thread: ***Club FINHEAVEN - Drink Up!***

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    ***Club FINHEAVEN - Drink Up!***

    Today, in honor of my 36th Birthday, I'd like to start a new game (blah, blah, blah):

    Post whenever you crack a beer, pound a shot, swill a mixed drink ... Etc. (& what you're drinking)

    I'll start.

    Today I'm starting with Corona (Cinco de Mayo)

    Currently x 3

    Thread Rules:
    1. Two drink minimum
    2. Watch your bar tab when drinking with Arsenal.
    3. Drink at the bar with Tyler whenever possible.
    4. Seeing as how we're a bar, insults are allowed. The cruder, the better! (Depths rules)
    5. Jell-O shots are for girls. Unless you're buying ... then I'll take a tray!
    6. Drink or GTFO!
    7. There is NO last call. (Vegas rules)

    (that's it so far)
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