Fellow Dolphin Fans, if any of you know of anyone who has children either boys or girls who are interested in baseball or want to train with a former pro ball player please reach out to me....below is my flyer. Thanks in advance for all the help guys! Derek (FKA)

Baseball Lessons from a former Professional Baseball Player Derek Rix
Ages 3 - 6 – 30.00/Hour
Ages 7 and Up 40.00 Hour
Ages 3 – 6 the lesson will consist of
Batting Stance and proper hand placement
Hitting off of a Tee and underhand toss
Proper Throwing Techniques
Mechanics on how to catch and field
Stretching and Running
Have Fun
Positive Reinforcement
Ages 7 and up will consist of:
Stretching and Wind Sprints to warm up
Proper Technique of a natural, comfortable batting stance
Swing techniques
Live Batting Practice
Fielding Ground Balls and teaching proper footwork
Catching Fly Balls
General Baseball Rules (cut-off man, etc.)
Base Running tips
Pitching Techniques (Do’s and Don’ts)
Have Fun
Positive Reinforcement
My Qualifications;
1996 Times Union Pitcher of the Year
1996 Times Union High School Player of the Year
1997 Mid-Florida Conference Freshman of the Year
1998 Florida Community College State Player of the year
1998 Mid-Florida Conference Player of the Year
1998 First Team Junior College All-American
1998 Jasper winner for states best amateur Baseball player
1998 Draftee of the Boston Red Sox
1998 Led Gulf Coast League in Doubles, Homeruns and Fielding Percentage
Traditionally I am a 3rd basemen, but have had a lot of success pitching and would be able to provide good information for your son or daughter and more importantly they will have a great time. Baseball is a game and should be treated that way. I will teach them all they need to know to both have fun and stay safe!!!!!!!!
Contact Derek Rix @ 904-477-6889 or my wife Andrea @ 904-477-1141