whats the deal? why do all of our picks suck? odrick is worse then some teams 5th round picks? koa misi and a.j edds have literally the lowest possible strength a linebacker could have? john jerry rated top 3 interior lineman is a 65 overall? i dont understand how lex hilliard is so slow. i understand hartline is in his 2nd year but he lead the yards per catch stat, thats gotta mean something more then a 71 over all. camarillo is pretty damn clutch he shouldnt be an 80? and davone bess is a seventy effing four?! 75 receptions. wtf? my head is going to explode why are we always so underrated, even in a damn video game theyve got the raiders 4th and 5th round picks better then our 1st? come on. if not for suh and mccoy who are once in a decade DT prospects, odrick would be a top 10 pick. the dude is a great, powerful, high motor, strong tackling, 6'5 304 pound long tackling machine with good character and leadership quality. so they can rate a players "swagger" now but we cant give the dolphins some normal stats for once.


heres the link if you even dare to look.

atleast i know were better than this on any given sunday