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I do IT work for the government. You know the government ****s off and does whatever they want lol. I have a lot of office space. Plus it helps that I work at night and I'm alone for the most part. I have several things in here. Perfect pushup. A few free weights. Jump rope. Elastic bands. Pullup bar. Bosu ball. Yoga mat. Ab wheel. The ab wheel is the TRUTH lol.

If you want to increase cardio and not get burned out, I'd suggest going to a running shoe store. Like a professional one. Not Foot Locker. Get fitted for a running shoe that fits YOU. Everyone has different size arch in their foot, different pronation whether is be over, under, or neutral. etc. The type and kind of shoe you wear can make a huge difference in distance.
I just meant that I got really tired of running all the time. I wanted to do something different but I did not know that about shoes. I didn't know they could make that big a difference.