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Congrats to your frined but that's not normal either, that's not something most average Americans can identify w/. Those are people at the top of their fields and yes they ahve every right to move on if they are not under contract but again as a fan of the sport and lebron(i debated for years the silly lebron vs. 'Melo arguments) I wanted to see him do it in Cleveland. It's nothing against Miami.

Maybe I'm wrong to think that way, maybe it's old fashioned thinking?(I still have a few years to go to 40 so I'm not that old) I would not expect fans of the heat to agree w/ me b/c rightfully so you guys wanted him and were excited to get him b/c you knew you'd be winning championships.
this is the kinda **** that pisses me off. How the hell do u know all heat fans wanted him? cause il be honest, i did not want him. I wanted us to build a contender without him but when we got him i had no choice but to support the move because thats what a loyal fans do. Not piss and moan like disloyal cleveland fans. My all time favorite era of heat basketball was in the 90s with hardaway-mourning-mashburn-dan-pj brown and thats an era where we never won anything but it was still in my opinion the all time greatest heat team ever put on the floor behind the 2 ship teams. Had it not been for michaels bulls we might have made it to the finals 1 year also. Point is, get off the heats back dude, your preciouz knicks wanted lebron also and would have paired him with melo and stoudamaire for a ship. I guarantee that.