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Antwan Jmison was a good player for much of his career, but he just wasnt that good anymore by the time Cleveland got him. Youre the one who cited Jamison as something Cleveland did to improve the team.

Jordan has ALWAYS had more than Lebron. Eight (8) years and the best player on the Cleveland roster not named Lebron was probably Mo ****ing Williams. Thnk about that for a second lol. Jordan was incredible, but he needed Pippen (a top 50 all-time NBA player) and other good players to win those rings. He doesnt win a single championship with Mo Williams and a washed up Antwan Jamison.
Jordan would have won in Cle w/ the talent he had b/c there weren't any great teams in the NBA. it's not like he had to go through the 80s Celtics/Pistons or lakers.

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So what exactly happened after Jordan's first 5-6 years? Please, fill us in.

And everything about what these guys do is normal. You and I can go out and play basketball right now and it's normal. They're just VERY good at it. Just like you and I can go out and work on computers for a living...only I happen to be REALLY good at it. The league is ran just like any other company. Rules, etc. designed to make money. Just like any minimum wage job.
He matured as a player, became less of a ball hog becoming a better teammate, the older dynasties started getting old and dying off and he elevated his game.

Were you drfated to your job? are you not allowed to leave your company? did you have to move to a location determined by a league? there's nothing normal about what these guys do.

any time you want to play basketball let me know