Well, it's that time of year again. We are in the dead of July when nothing exciting is going on in sports. It's gotten so bad that yesterday on sportscenter, they were showing snail racing. I'm not kidding, it was on the top 10... Needless to say, July is an awful month for NFL fans. So in an effort to kill some more time before September rolls around, I'm going to start this thread.

- Week 1: Dolphins @ Bills
We all know that the offensive line situation in Buffalo has gotten worse and worse by the year. It's already started for them this year, as they lost a starter just a few weeks ago. They may have an excellent backfield, but I don't see how they are going to get many running lanes or how Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to get enough time to consistantly throw well. This one should be easy. However, we all thought the same thing last year. Miami typically starts out slowly and dig a hole for themselves. That ends this year in Buffalo.
Miami: 27
Buffalo: 14
- Week 2: Dolphins @ Vikings
There's no hiding what the Minnesota Vikings were able to do last year. They were an offensive powerhouse. Brett Favre had arguably his best season ever, and Sidney Rice emerged as a star wideout, and of course Adrian Peterson was Adrian Peterson. Now if Brett Favre comes back like everyone is expecting, Miami will have no easy matchup here. If he does not, I think we have a slim chance in this game. Bottom line is, I don't think Miami has the offensive fire power to keep up with them, nor the defensive talent needed to stop them. Vikings win this one handily.
Miami: 17
Minnesota: 35
-Week 3: Jets @ Dolphins (SNF)
This offseason the New York Jets have added quite a few new faces via free agency and trade. They acquired Antonio Cromartie from the Chargers. They signed free agent halfback Ladainian Tomlinson, and most notably traded for former superbowl MVP Santonio Holmes. However, they also lost Thomas Jones, Kerry Rhodes, and pro bowl guard Alan Faneca. This game should be a good one, but I think ultimately it comes down to homefield advantage in this close matchup. Dolphins win in a close one.
Miami: 24
New York: 20
-Week 4: Patriots @ Dolphins (MNF)
It's become pretty clear that the pieces to the puzzle in New England are beginning to fall apart. Randy Moss is approaching the end of his career. Wes Welker is coming off a very serious knee injury that he suffered against the Texans in week 17. Perhaps the biggest clue is the playoff blowout loss at home at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens. The changing of the guard is happening in the AFC. New England's dynasty is over, and has been. With all of that said though, this will still be a tough and hard fought AFC East clash. Miami again wins in a close one.
Miami: 31
New England: 24
-Week 5: Bye
This one comes at a good time as we have several tough games all in a row. In addition to that, we have the benefit of having 2 weeks to prepare for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

-Week 6: Dolphins @ Packers
By now it's very clear that in the the NFC North, it's a race between the Vikings and the Packers. Both are 2 teams that are realistic superbowl contenders. If Miami wants to be considered a contender, then they're going to have to beat the best. We're not there yet, and it doesn't help that this one is in Lambeau.
Miami: 24
Green Bay: 38
-Week 7: Steelers @ Dolphins
Ben Roethlisbeger got suspended as everyone knows. There is a good chance he doesn't play in this game, and even if he does, he will be rusty. We gave the Steelers a good run in week 17 last year, and that was with Pat White and Tyler Thigpen for the second half. I think the Dolphins take advantage of the situation, and win in a key game in South Florida.
Miami: 20
Pittsburgh: 10
- Week 8: Dolphins @ Bengals
Cincinnatti shocked the football world last year when they swept the AFC North and won the division. I think they will still grab a playoff spot this year, and will still be a tough matchup. They added Antonio Bryant which they hope will give them a deep threat. Everyone knows about Cedric Benson's career turnaround, and what he's been able to accomplish in Cincy. On top of all that, Mike Zimmer has been able to transform that defense into a hardnosed unit that isn't the same as the old cupcak Cincy defense. Cincy wins this on in a close one at Paul Brown Stadium.
Miami: 14
Cincinnatti: 20
- Week 9: Dolphins @ Ravens
Let's face it, the Ravens are not the team you want to face at any point in the season or post-season. They have a mean defense lead by Ray Lewis with Terrence Cody and Holita Ngata rotating in the middle. In the secondary, they have ball hawking safety, Ed Reed, assuming he is not injured. On offense, they have a huge playmaker in Ray Rice, and a powerful offensive line. This offseason, they went out and acquired star wideout Anquan Boldin. The only real weakness this team has is secondary.. this is my superbowl pick right here. I don't know who's going to beat them, but Miami certainly won't.
Miami: 10
Baltimore: 24
- Week 10: Titans @ Dolphins
Chris Johnson is no joke, he made that very clear last year to the entire league. Miami fared pretty well against him in their visit to Tennessee last season. Vince Young torched our secondary in that game, and that was the main reason why we lost. I'd like to say that we win this one, but I just don't see it with all the questions surrounding the defense.
Miami: 23
Cincinnatti: 27
-Week 11: Bears @ Dolphins
Jay Cutler in Chicago has been a huge failure thus far. I expect that to get better, but I still don't see where the Bears have a huge advantage over us. I don't know if they can come to Miami on Thursday Night and beat us in our own house. I'm not sure if this one will even be close...
Miami: 28
Chicago: 10
-Week 12: Dolphins @ Raiders
Again, there's not much to be said here. Oakland has been garbage for years, and I don't see it changing this year.
Miami: 35
- Week 13: Browns @ Dolphins
Barring some major injuries or just a complete team implosion, this should be another relatively easy win.
Miami: 28
- Week 14: Dolphins @ Jets
Well it's pretty clear that these 2 are going to be battling it out year in and year out for the division crown. I think they get us in this one, unfortunately. We drop a close one in New York.
Miami: 17
New York: 20
-Week 15: Bills @ Dolphins
Again, I don't see how the Bills will be able to move the ball with a lack of O-line.
Miami: 31
-Week 16: Dolphins @ Patriots
The Patriots in Foxborough in the dead of winter will be a tough game, no doubt. Not only is it a division game, but it's a game that very well could decide the AFC East.
Miami: 20
New York: 24
-Week 17: Lions @ Dolphins
Contrary to popular belief, I believe that the Detroit Lions will be a competitive team this year. They have the franchise quarterback and the superstar reciever. All they lack on offense is an offensive line. I don't think we lose this one, but I think it'll be a lot closer than most would think.
Miami: 38
Detroit: 28

Now with all that said, I'm tired as ****, and this took a lot longer than I anticipated. You can see toward the end I got tired and just wrote one sentence in some of them. But be brutally honest. I tried to be with the Dolphins. Thanks for reading.
Final Record: 9-7