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Thread: Post some of your franchise stats

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    Post some of your franchise stats

    Through 3 games...

    @ Buffalo 32-7 W
    @ Minnesota 7-14 L
    vs. Jets 49-0 W

    Current record: 2-1

    I cut Thigpen, Jared Allen, Joey Haynos, Pat turner, and John Nalbone before the start of the season to make room for roster changes at the deadline. Then I traded Will Allen to the Cardinals for Ben Patrick and a 2nd rounder. To get a fourth CB on the roster I picked up TJ Rushing just to fill the spot until the offseason. He has yet to see the field and I doubt he will unless Carroll, Davis, or Smith go down.

    Henne- 848 yds, 9 TD 1 INT, 57/76
    Ronnie-21 att 138 yds 3 TD, 12 rec 100 yds
    Ricky- 2 att 15 yds, 2 rec 28 yds 1 TD
    Marshall- 10 rec 152 yds 1 TD
    Bess- 8 rec 219 yds 3 TD
    Fasano- 8 rec 60 yds 1 TD
    Hartline- 6 rec 88 yds
    Camarillo- 3 rec 124 yds 2 TD
    Polite- 3 rec 31 yds
    Ben Patrick- 4 rec 33 yds 1 TD

    Donald thomas- 1 pancake 3 sacks

    Odrick- 5 tackles 2 sacks
    S. Smith- 2 ints
    Vontae- 2 ints
    Clemons- 1 int
    Carroll- 1 int

    I think I made the right move by dumping the players. Roster was full and those players would never see the field in my game style enough to be contributors where I could trade for or pick up a few possible weapons at the deadline. The Will Allen trade also seems like it will be a pretty decent one. Carroll has so far filled in nicely as the third CB. Ben Patrick is producing enough as the second TE to make me happy. What's going to make or break the trade is the draft pick. I am thinking either OLB or CB
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    haven't started franchise mode yet... i think i might want to try an online season though since they changed nothing of the regular franchise mode...

    Koa Konstrictor
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