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Thread: Just played my first game on Madden 11 with the Dolphins

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    Just played my first game on Madden 11 with the Dolphins

    Edit: i meant madden 2011 on topic title

    After playing my first game with the dolphins on the new madden i am very excited about this season. The game is the most realistic madden to date. Graphics are amazing. They even have the dolphins song on after u score a touchdown.


    Marshall- 1 td, fast as lightning, jumped into the endzone doing a flip on hes way to a 2nd td. Broke a 70 yard pass for a td.

    Odrick- is a beast in the game, a few sacks, hits like a truck, very quick and agile.

    Dansby- the leader of the defense and is all over the place.

    Vontae- Playmaker of the defense

    Sean smith- shut down a few wrs.

    Ronnie brown- quick, strong, fast as ever, scored 2 tds.

    Jake long- best player on the team, 96 overall. I run to his side 85% of the time.

    I like this new team. We are better than the jets no doubt bout it.
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