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Thread: Feedback on horribly thin team in 16 team league

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    Feedback on horribly thin team in 16 team league

    So I am in a 16 team league this year which means all of the teams are stretched horrendously thin.

    QB: Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger

    RB: Frank Gore, Shonn Greene, Reggie Bush, Steve Slaton, Kevin Smith

    Wr: Marques Colston, Steve Smith (Car), Hines Ward, Mario Manningham, Jabar Gaffney

    TE: Owen Daniels

    K: Matt Prater

    Def: Miami Dolphins

    Overall, I'm pumped about my team. I feel like my starting RB's and Wr's are as strong as you could expect in a league this large. There was an unbelievably stupid run of qb's in the first 2 rounds which included 10 taken and culminated with jay cutler picked up with pick 32. I refused to join in such a ridiculous waste of picks, but now I'm extremely unsure about my QB situation. I am forced to start Matt Ryan for most likely the first 5 weeks, but will have big ben on the way. I never carry backup te's, kicker, or defense this early in the season. You can always pick one up later. Any criticism/suggestions?
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    For a 16 team draft, that's about as good as you can get. You should be fine with Matt Ryan and Rothlisberger. Matt Ryan should have a bounce back year. Not sure how the scoring works in your league, but in most, great RB's/WR's are more important than QB's unless it's Peyton Manning or Drew Brees.
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    Your team should be good, but they only thing I'm not confident in is QB.
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