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Thread: The title of this thread can not be placed in the title area

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    FH The title of this thread can not be placed in the title area

    **** THE JETS!!!!!!!!!

    Good Evening, Admins, Posters, Donators, Lurkers, Moderators, this is aaaaa........ WVDolphan, VIP FinHeaven Poster and I got somethin I wanna say.

    A lot of you mother ****ers think you know who WVDolphan is. Well Im here today to tell yall that you dont know ****.

    There comes a time in every posters life when he's gotta take a look at himself in the mirror and decide just exactly who he is. Well Ive come to that crossroads and I have decided.......... WVDolphan is a man. WVDolphan is a fan. WVDolphan IS a lover.

    But, the most he is, I mean the thing that WVDolphan is the most, is a god damn phins fan. And one thing a phins fan DOES NOT DO, is praise the ****ing Jets. No, a true phins fan faces his enemies.......and he CONQUERS THEM.

    And that is why I am here today to tell you all that WVDolphan is officially..........ACCEPTING, the position of official Jets hater here at FinHeaven.

    So LETS GET THE JETS BASHING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a official FH Jets Hater official Jets bashing thread. Let me begin the festivities by getting a couple of other things off my chest.

    First of all, Im sick and tired of some of the mother ****ers around here who want to go soft on some of these Jets fans. **** the Jets OK. Im tired of sorry *** POS Jets fans running around here getting awards and ****.

    This is supposed to be a PHINS fans site OK. Since when do we cater to ****ing Jets fans? Is it that bad? Do we really need those worthless ********ers pulling up a lounge chair in our living room to keep the site going? Its time to put these ****ing ****heads in their place. They should feel like theyre walking into a ****ing hornets nest!

    Im also sick of these so called phins fans who come on here and praise the Jets. Shouldnt there be some infractions handed out for that ****? Im tired of hearing about how good the Jets are. **** the Jets. We shouldnt be hearing that **** on a site for phins fans. At least not a site for real phins fans.

    So if you are a Jets fan, or simply have something decent to say about the Jets or any member of their organization, STAY THE **** OUT of my thread OK.

    IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bill Belichick on "putting the tape on"

    and i say it's tom brady with better legs...he reads the field presnap like tom brady...reminds me so much of him although tannehills ahead of bradys development in year 2 imo
    Quote Originally Posted by JCane View Post
    Well I'll be damned. WV was right again and called this weeks in advance and everyone gets mad at him.


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