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Playoffs aren't good enough for you anymore? They haven't won a playoff game since you were able to buy your 1st legal drink! Baby steps first buddy, how about you worry about your team winning even 1 playoff game.
Playoffs haven't been good enough for me in a LONG time. I didn't give a **** when we made the playoffs in 2008 but everyone else here were sticking their thumbs up their *****. It's not good enough. "DIVISION CHAMPS" tshirts. Who gives a ****. Like that's impressive or something. I've seen this team make the playoffs more than enough. It's equivalent to birthdays. I don't give a damn about my birthday anymore. I'm too old for that noise. I need bigger and better. Playoffs are the first step, yes, but I just don't see it as much to celebrate. My philosophy is win the next one.