Hi Folks! Please help (and go easy) on a real rusty rookie. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks in advance to anyone who can offer advice of any kind. I am 50 on 7th Dec 2010. Not bragging you understand. It just wouldn't go away and is finally almost upon me. I wasn't going to celebrate it but have now decided to cut loose a little (as much as an old man can anyway). My girlfriend Dawn and I have booked flights from Manchester, UK (we live in York) to Orlando for 2 wks from Nov 27th-Dec11th. We are unlikely to do the Disney stuff (unless someone can tell us of a cheap 1 day pass for Nov 28th or Nov 29th) and instead want to spend the 2 wks travelling by hire-car through Southern Florida. I have booked 3 nts (Mon 6th, Tues 7th, Wed 8th Dec) in a hotel on Key West to celebrate my b'day 'proper' but anything else is pretty negotiable.

Where do you good folks come in (anyone still reading that is)?

You probably realise that this is mostly about the Browns game on Sun 5th Dec. My cunning plan is to visit Miami maybe 3nts (Fri 3rd, Sat 4th, Sun 5th) and of course to see as much of Miami as we can. I'm sorry we cannot stay longer but obviously we have to keep moving.

Please can anyone answer the following specific queries for me?

(1) What tickets should I purchase for the game? Please go on the website and see what are available as though YOU were buying tickets. I have identified tickets for approx. 140 bucks each...OUCH!...but would rather pay less. Then again I don't want to pay less but feel that I've not been at the Game. Please advise. I'm embarrassed to say that I am not an expert and hence don't know (in theory) where we ought to be seated. I can see pro's and con's everywhere. My gut feeling is low down is best. Over to you guys. Thanks.

(2) Can anyone recommend good, reasonably priced accommodation in Miami? We are actually bringing a small tent with us (yes, at our age!). The idea being to cut costs. Obviously 3 nts on Key West sets us back 400 bucks and we have to claw this back somehow. If anyone has a large garden in Miami or indeed anywhere in southern Florida we'd be delighted to spoil your view for 24hrs or so! :-) (On a serious note, I have a large house in wonderful ancient York, UK, overlooking the Racecourse. If anyone ever wants to drop in for a free short break then please let me know. I hate to be a 'beggar' and hence refuse to do it without offering kindness in return). If anyone feels that they can actually forsake Yorkshire company and humour for a day or so, then please kindly recommend a hotel or something (I assume campsites are thin on the ground in downtown Miami?). Thank you.

(3) Okay. Okay. Anyone still reading? Mmm? :-/ Assuming that we now have Game tickets and accommodation organised we seem to be on the home straight. What do we do on the day of the Game itself? Drive to the Game (ruling out beer for me...and only 2 days left as a 49yr old)? Get public transport to the Game (in which case what do we do for entertainment)? Hop in someone elses car and drink their beer? :-) Seriously folks, any advice on this front would be appreciated. We obviously want to experience the whole day as fully as possible, and I get the idea that a lot of this is pre-Game. Am I right? Mmm? :-)

Thanks to anyone who has hung on long enough to reach the end of this. All feedback - however small and on any point mentioned or not mentioned (re driving through southern Florida) will be ENORMOUSLY appreciated. I guess you can contact me through this thread (I'm a new member obviously) or contact me direct on my email address: Tommy0712@hotmail.com We are so looking forward to our Trip.

Best wishes to you all from York, UK.

Tom Sharkey (&Dawn) (My parents were from County Mayo, Ireland, though I was born in England)

Manchester United (Soccer...AAAAGH!) Season Ticket Holder