Ok it's that time of year, post your drafted teams here and I'll give you my analysis. Not claiming to be a fantasy professional but I've been playing for 15+ years so I've got some experience. Last year I was in 6 leagues (5 I'd called competitive), made the playoffs in 5 and won 3 of them. I'm a big fan of Value Based Drafting but not letting it get in the way of taking a better player. While a big Dolphin fan watch from a far here in PA when it comes to fantasy football I'm no homer and won't overrate fin players or draft them earlier then they should be.

Here's what I need to rate your team:

1. List your team
2. List your leagues requirement for starting positions (ie. QB/2RB/3WR/TE/K/Def)
3. Number of teams in your league
4. Point per reception ?
5. Redraft or Keeper league (if a keeper who did you keep)
6. What position did you draft in ?
7. Any other important nuances like points for return yardage or anything out of the normal yardage and TD scoring that your league uses.

What I'll reply with:

1. Grade (A-You are a championship contender B-You are a solid Playoff team C-You have a chance to sneak in the playoffs but you need a little luck or some good free agent moves D-It could be a long season unless you get a few waiver wire gems F-Hopefully the fins do well because you've got nothing to look forward to with this team)
2. A few suggestions were you might be able to improve.
3. What your good draft moves were.
4. Where you went wrong or could have done better.

The bigger the league usually the easier it is to tell how well your draft was, 8 or 10 team leagues everyone should have decent talent, 12 teams with 18 or 20 man rosters and it starts to get a little clearer, 14 and 16 teams leagues can be a beast.

And in full disclosure I will post my drafted teams as well.