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Thread: Just drafted my team...What do you think?

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    Just drafted my team...What do you think?

    PPR league, 12 teams, and I had the 5th pick. This is the team and the order below.

    QB- Kevin Kolb
    RB- Maurice Jones-Drew
    RB- Pierre Thomas
    WR- Calvin Johnson
    WR- Steve Smith
    WR- Steve Smith
    TE- Brent Celek
    W/R- Reggie Bush
    W/T- Mike Wallace
    D- Vikings
    K- Kris Brown
    Bench- Devin Thomas
    Bench- Rashad Jennings
    Bench- Michael Bush
    Bench- John Carlson
    Bench- Jason Snelling
    Bench- Ben Roethlisberger

    1. MJD
    2. Megatron
    3. The New Steve Smith
    4. PT Cruiser
    5. Brent Celek
    6. The Old Steve Smith (lead the league in Steve Smiths)
    7. Mike Wallace
    8. Reggie Bush
    9. Kevin Kolb
    10. Michael Bush (2 Bushes and 1 Johnson, I like that ratio)
    11. Vikings D
    12. Devin THomas
    13. John Carlson
    14. Ben RoethlisRaper
    15. Jason Snelling
    16. Rashad Jennings (MJD handcuff)
    17. Kris Brown
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    I think that's a pretty good team.
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