Well do you think you know football?

Let's put that to the test after you join this annual pick'em league. It is tons of fun and costs only 15$. Here is how it works:

Each week you will log on and pick the winners of every game. In addition to the winners, you will put confidence points on them. You will have 1 through how ever many games are that week. For instance, if there are 16 games that week your 16 pointer will be the game you are most confident in, and your 1 pointer is the game you are least. This year the game doesn't stop at the end of the regular season, it goes on with the playoffs!

We will pay out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The amounts will depend on the turnout. I would love to have bonuses as well, such as an each lh week payout, and a payout for the actual in loss winner, but again, those depend on the turnout.

So join, you'll have a blast!

PS-We can figure out the money, either mail it to me or pay-pal.