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I DVR'd the game and analysed individual performances this afternoon.

Disappointing in order:

-Jared Odrick, I'll be surprised if he starts the season. Terrible! No penetration, was thinking WAY too much! Gave up on plays. Did not make one play.
-Chad Henne, he was the biggest reason we didn't move the ball against the 1's. Played scared rushing his throws, pocket awareness was poor. Could've run on a couple of plays but chose to force throws that weren't there. Poor decisions in general. Did not recognize blitzes properly. Throws were off. Piss-poor performance. Big factor in sports performance (any performance actually) is the cool factor. Brees, Brady, and Manning are cool customers. Heck even Sanchez has a calmness to him. Chad was skittish. He better tone it down a few notches or the other Chad may replace him for the sake of the season.
Totally disagree, actually the biggest reason Miami's offense had problems moving the ball was not being able to run the ball. There were also some balls dropped yet again for Henne, but once Miami decided to forget the run that was not working as much and threw the ball more then run in the final 1 min & 1/2, Henne looked much better, even though that final INT was a huge mistake.

Henne did not have a good night, but neither did Ryan who is supposed to be heads and shoulders better then Henne, and for that matter, Pennington in his 1st 2 drives scored the same amount of points as Henne in his 1st 2 drives... the Falcons defense looked very tough

Finally, I was able to watch the Jets game also, and no Sanchez did not look less scared then Henne, and his INT against a much more inferior defense looked way more concerning then Henne's that was just tipped.