1st Series:

1st down - Jerry gets beat (inside pressure, almost everyone got beat!), Henne throws it quickly to Hartline. OL was in total disarray that play. Nice read by Henne.

1st down - Wildcat, 5 yds. Decent blocking.

2nd - Loss of 1. Blocking was not that bad, if Ronnie had bounced outside to the left it would've been a long gain.

3rd - 6 man Blitz, one gets free from right side of OL. Pass to Marshall (incomplete). Henne needs better blitz recognition.

2nd Series:

1st down - Ricky rush for 2yds. LB's just plugged the holes.

2nd - Draw to Ricky for 1yd. Grove was the biggest reason this play failed but Ronnie had a pretty poor block attempt as well.

3rd - 6 man blitz caused quite a bit of confusion. Ricky let his guy go to create an option for Henne but his guy got the sack.

3rd Series:

1st down - Pass to Ronnie for about 14 yds. Decent blocking.

1st - ILB and OLB blitz. This I have a problem with, Henne should've recognized this blitz and either audibled or made a hot call.

2nd - Draw to Ronnie for 6 yds. Pretty decent blocking.

3rd - Hartline on a comeback for a 1st. Pretty fair blocking. PENALTY - Holding

3rd - Incomplete to Marshall. Good blocking, Henne makes a decent read but made a bad throw. Here he could've stepped to the left of the pocket and took off or bought himself more time to find someone else. Cause there were three guys in Marshall's vicinity making it a fairly tough throw.

4th Series:

1st down - dump off to Ricky for 5. Outstanding blocking on this play, could've hung in there and found someone else or took off.

2nd - Decent read. Pass to Hartline for a 1st. Carey almost gave up a sack. Then again, Henne could've stepped up a bit. Henne consistently has concrete feet in the pocket.

1st - Incomplete to Marshall. I don't know what he was thinking on this play. Threw it 10 yds out of bounds. Maybe it slipped out of his hands(?).

2nd - Play-action to Ricky for a small gain.

3rd - Incomplete to Bess. Threw a bit behind him cause he was covered well. Could've hit Marshall as he had some small kid behind him. Would've been an easy 1st. Some reason he chose Bess. Bad call.

5th Series:

1st - Ronnie loss of 1. This was just a bad play design. They have Jake pulling from his tackle spot all the way over to the right to block out for Ronnie. Gee, guess what happened? The DE over Jake followed right behind Jake and tackled Ronnie. Brilliant play design! Someone must've missed their assignment, I hope Henning isn't that dense.

2nd - Incomplete to Hartline. The "first" legitimate drop. Outstanding pass blocking on this play. Hartline was covered fairly well by Lofton. He had Ronnie in the flat with no one within 10 yds.

3rd - Complete to Hartline 2 yds short of the marker. 8 man blitz was picked up fairly well. That means Marshall, Bess, and Hartline were one-on-one in coverage and Henne throws it short. I'll bank my money on Marshall one-on-one anyday of the week against anyone. Bad decision.

4th - They go for it with Polite. Bet they didn't see that coming. No gain.

6th Series:

1st down - Incomplete to Marshall. Ball tipped.

2nd - Incomplete to Ricky. I don't know what he was thinking on this play. Outstanding protection with 5 receivers
and he throws it within 2 seconds. Play like you've got a pair, Henne.

3rd - Complete 2 yds shy of marker to Marshall. 5 man blitz was picked up well. This is the second time he's done this. I'm seeing a pattern where Henne is making 2 reads and throws it even if that second read is covered. Doesn't take into consideration that he has good blocking and could wait an extra second or two (ala Pennington or even Thigpen) or run with it.

7th Series:

1st - Ronnie draw loss of 1. Jerry didn't seal off and Berger didn't get to Lofton. 2nd level blocking has been a big contributer to the poor running game performance. Incognito pancakes his guy. Best OLmen performance of the night outside of Long was Incognito.

2nd - 35yds to Marshall down the left sideline. Beautiful throw.

1st - Incomplete to Fasano. Henne had good blocking, looked off Marshall then came back to Fasano. It could've been complete had he thrown it when Fasano made his break but he threw it late which gave the CB time to close and knock it away. Henne could've hit an open Martin just to the left of Fasano as well. Bad decision.

2nd - Sweep to Ronnie loss of 1. Again, second level blocking failed. Fasano did't hold his block and Incognito wasn't fast enough to get out in front of Lofton to cut him off.

3rd - Complete 20 yds to Marshall. Good blocking on 5 man rush. Decent throw.

1st - Spiked to stop the clock.

2nd - Tipped ball intercepted. I suppose he didn't see the LB between him and Fasano. Had decent enough blocking to make another read. Ronnie was one-on-one in the left flat. This kind of play is a back-breaker. Could've tied it going into the second half.

8th series:

1st down - Complete to Ricky for 13 yds. Decent blocking on 5 man rush.

1st - Ricky for 1 yd. Again, Fasano can't hold his block, he just got out-muscled. Jerry dominated his guy. Grove turned his guy inside which was wierd cause apparently the lane was supposed to be inside. He should've kicked him outside.

2nd - Ronnie for 2 yds. The line surged forward two yds but didn't have a hole to run through. Martin got out-muscled and pushed back into Ronnie. We need a better blocking TE. Martin is not good and Fasano, although good last year, is not doing well in this game. Later in the game when Pennington had the 3rd down in the red area on that roll-out, Fasano was the one that let the guy through that forced Penny to throw it away.

3rd - Incomplete to Hartline. Nice read/throw, it looked like a completion. Should've challenged that play. Solid 7-man blitz picked-up well. ATL blitzed a LOT tonight.

Our running game was inefficient mainly due to our 2nd level blocking being atrocious. Also, we need better blocking from our TE's. Our passing game makes me worry a bit. This will be Henne's 2nd season at the helm. It appears they're holding the reins on him. He had a pattern of looking at only 2 reads even when he had plenty of time (which was more than you may think). Because of that restriction, he's forcing throws when he could either look at a third/forth option or run with it.