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Love the BCS. 9 times out of 10 they get it right.

This season was no different. LSU and Alabama were the only teams capable of beating each other. Either team would have kicked Oklahoma State dickholes in.

And for those of you whining about a playoff...you would have ended up with Alabama and LSU playing for a national title.
Exactly. I got so tired of hearing all the bull**** the last month. This was one year a playoff was a waste of time. LSU and Bama were not only clearly the best 2 teams in the country, they were 20 points better than every other team in the country. I get sick of hearing from Mike Gundys ******* too. Yea, your ****ty team wouldve scored a few points on Bama perhaps. I will grant you that. Problem is Bama wouldve scored 50 on your ****ty team and you wouldve still lost by at least 30 so stfu. Be happy you finished ranked 3rd when you probably werent better than Arkansas, South Carolina, or Georgia much less LSU and Bama. GET REAL.

And dead on about the playoff thing. I said the same thing. If there were a playoff and you had Bama as the 2 seed and LSU as the 1, you wouldve just watched those 2 teams destroy everyone until they wound up playing in the title game anyway. It wouldve been a complete waste of time. Bama won the title because they deserved it. They were a better team than LSU and they got a chance to prove it after losing a very close game that they shouldve won the first time.

One could argue the only reason they lost aside from missing FGs, was the ridiculous college OT system. If LSU had kicked off to Bama and Bama afforded the opportunity to punt instead of each team getting the ball automatically at the 25, I seriously doubt LSU ever gets into FG range in the first place. Their offense did much of nothing in that game as well. Bama deserved to play in that BCS title game and anyone who argues different is a ****ing moron.