Finally!!!!!!! No longer do we have to look at this fat, worthless, egotystical, scumbag, ********ing, piece of **** sitting in our luxury box with his ****ing binoculars pretending he gives a **** what is going on down on the field!

Bill Parcells did nothing but steal money from Mr.H in exchange for agreeing to run the franchise for a minimum of one year. All his contract obligated him to do was hire the GM and more or less be a consultant to that person. Basically, Parcells agreed to take a **** load of money to give his friend a GM job and hire his friends to be the HC, OC, and DC(Paul P. at the time). Thats it.

Sure, I suppose he gave them some advice on draft picks after the first year.......Pat White.....Thanks Bill. ********er.

Basically this guy was allowed to come and go as he pleased too. He never showed up at road games. Spent most of his time golfing, fishing, eating, and betting all of Mr.H's money on losing horses up at Saratoga with his other fat *** degenerate friends.

Bill Parcells is a world class scumbag. He was a good head coach back in the 80's, did some interesting press conferences, and parlayed that into this ridiculous idea that somehow he was a franchise builder, despite the fact he has never built a team that has won a championship. He whined about not shopping for groceries in NY, yet all the Giants FO did was give him the ingredients for TWO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!

Now on his way out here, he tries to throw people under the bus as bogus reports have come out suggesting it was someone else's idea to take Pat White. Everyone who followed that draft knew in the months leading up to it that Parcells was reported from several places to have a hard on for Pat White. Obviously, he is trying to set up one more big heist and take another paycheck from some unsuspecting owner so he dosent want this pick on his record. Im sure he has another group of friends he wants to put in important, high paying positions with another team whether they are competent or not(Sparano).

And while he was here, Parcells made sure to never speak, knowing if things went well he would be given credit, and if things went poorly he could simply not speak on the matter, take ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY, and let the **** land on his friends he hired as he conveniently steps out of the way.

**** BILL PARCELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!