In the recent update Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace, a bunch of O-linemen that are insignificant, Micah Johnson, Bobby Carpenter, and Alama-Francis were added.

None of them are anything worth starting over someone else, but hey its cool to have our new guys in but I have a couple gripes.

Micah Johnson - 56 overall, 66 speed. For a guy who was always around the ball he deserves to be faster than that. Langford has 69 speed to put it into some perspective.

and more so:

Moore is a 53 overall and Wallace is 56, sure theyre undrafted rookies so it makes sense but look at their stats
(ill list them with Moore then Wallace's)

Speed: 89, 83
Awareness: 37, 30
Catching: 65, 70
Route Running: 49, 52
Catch in traffic: 62, 64
Spectacular Catch: 68, 78
Beating the press: 55, 70
Jumping: 85, 93

Sure, I can understand that some of the ratings aren't great but that route running is huge. There's probably corners with better routes. And the speed! Come on! Didn't Wallace run a 4.4?!