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Thread: Trent Richardson

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    Trent Richardson

    i can see why BAMAPHIN,Tedslimm,Namor,and you other Alabama fans in here hype him up like y'all do,when y'all do...i watched that game last night and that kid's a straight BEAST...25-26 carries for 144 yards and a TD...catching passes outta the backfield..running some Wildcat plays...that Erin Andrews chick on there last night said he's got a bench press max of 460 lbs,and squats over 600 lbs...he's got some guns on him,and the announcers said his lower body strength is just phenomenal...they also said he's got one hell of a good work ethic,on not just the field,but the classroom as well as the weight room....i have to say guys;he'd look GREAT in a Dolphins uniform...Donta' Hightower would also look good in a Dolphins uniform...i'm a Gators fan,but i can see Bama making it back to the N/C Game and repeating...you guys have talent,depth,and a smart QB in Greg McElroy...
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    I'm hoping.....
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