It is two hours before kicking off the 2010 season. Last year was last year, and this year is our year.
We got a reciever that can catch! we got a play making linebacker! We have tons of pride as fans.
And all we ask is, please let this season be special, for i am in my late 20's and I havent seen one dolphin parade. I've witnessed the birth of the heat and marlins, and watch them win it all. I can't recall the last time we were close.But I do remember marino's last game, the error of wannstedt, and the pain of ricky. We survived a murder on primetime vs. the jets, the betrayal of saban and of course, 1-15. And I'm still a believer. I believe in nolan's new D. I believe Henne well be better then okay. I believe that ronnie will break records not more muscles. I believe in Wake. I believe in alot of things, and most importantly, I believe the jets suck worse then us. And if people predict superbowl for them, then its another perfect season for us. That's how we believe. Superbowl 2010 or bust.