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Sorry good sir, I'm not buying that bold statement. Are you going to theorize to me that over the full 2008-2009 season Henne NEVER practiced with the first team? The NFL is a league where the backup QB is always one hit away from being in the game. Henne had to have practiced with the first team at some point during his first NFL season as he was the 2nd QB on the roster. Henne probably knew the playbook a lot better having studied it over an NFL season. Henne was probably able to watch more tape of NFL teams during his first season. He learned from one of the brightest QB's to ever play the game in Chad Pennington. He wasn't thrown into anything.

Mark Sanchez had to learn an NFL playbook for the first time. Had to get used to his timing with the receivers. Had to adjust to the speed of the game. All this after only starting 1 year in college vs Henne's 4 years as a starter and a year as a backup learning the NFL game. So Henne has experience over Sanchez and that is why he played better. But does that mean he is the better and more talented QB of the two? No, it doesn't.

And of course Chad is a better QB he's a 10 year vet. For goodness sakes...Joe Theismann was playing better than John Elway when Elway was a rookie (1983). Elway (famously) lined up behind a tackle(or was it a guard?) his rookie season. Doesn't mean that Theismann was more talented than Elway. Not comparing Sanchez to Elway or Pennington to Theismann. Just saying to try to be objective and keep things in perspective.
Yes, generally starting QBs practice with the first team. I don't think that's a bold statement at all. I won't downplay playing behind Pennington. I think that's huge, and certainly advantageous compared to Kellen Clemens.

I don't really understand the point of the second and third paragraph. Henne played better. Talent is irrelevant in this context...you can be the most talented QB to ever play, but if you play like crap and throw twice as many INTs as TDs, then your talent isn't translating.

To the people saying "Well, Sanchez stepped up in his biggest spots", you're having short term memory and only recalling the playoffs. Henne led game winning drives. He also made some huge 4th quarter and OT mistakes. The Titans game comes to mind (mostly because I was in the stands for that game), but to say that Henne shrank when he needed to step up is ignorance.