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- This is the bias stuff that gets me when I read a response from you. Henne stepped in with 'zero pressure'?? Really? Would this be your 'professional' opinion on that or are you just pulling it out of thin air?

- "BUT Sanchez stepped up when we needed him most and henne stepped back when you needed him most."

So Sanchez "stepped up" and had games like;

24-14win 12com 15att 80% 182yrds 1TD 0INT 139.4 Rating - Had a great game but looking at the attempts wasn't asked to do much.

17-14win 12com 23att 52.2% 100yrds 1TD 1INT 60.1 Rating - Is this another game you would describe as he "stepped up"?

17-30Lost 17com 30att 56.7% 257yrds 2TD 1INT 93.3 Rating - I don't want to go back and see where he got most of his yards from, if it was after the Jets were forced to pass or not, because I didn't watch the game.

The point I am trying to make here is your defense and running game WERE the reasons the Jets won against the Bangels and the Chargers(although if there were ever a team as notorious as the Braves in baseball come post season it is the Chargers) and not Sanchez "stepping up".

While Sanchez finished his playoffs with the best rookie stats I fail to see where he "stepped up" according to these stats that he finished with.

It wouldn't bother me so much because I liked how Sanchez played in the playoffs but when you come on here saying Sanchez stepped up and immediately follow that up with Henne stepped back. It's that bias sentence. It's a TEAM GAME. You honestly think if the Jets made Sanchez carry the team that you would have won those two playoff games? Hell, it was BECAUSE of Sanchez that you almost didn't make the playoffs.
haha cremember junc is in the "sports" business so his professional opinions are correct