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Alright, you had said that the QB turned it over and put the opponent into good field position. None of what you just said backs that up. Your argument now is that Henne didn't throw enough TDs. You also include how the Phins fumblred the ball at the TEN 25, this is Henne's fault somehow?

I had already mentioned the INT vs Houston as it was the only time Henne had put the opponent in a good position to score (this after 13 other scoring drives I mentioned earlier, none of which were Henne's fault).

Do we know have to point out how many times the Jets had to settle for FGs? Feely was 18 of 21 inside 40 yards in the regular season. Carpenter was 16 of 17 inside 40 yards as well. Feely kicking inside 40 yards 21 times shows that sometimes you don't always score TDs (which you blame the QB for apparently).

You also blame the Phins offense for the Colts loss. How about Henne's throw to Ginn in the endzone where Ginn dropped it? That Henne's fault too?
My argument is not that Henne didn't throw enough TDs, it's that he didn't do enought o lead his O to points early in games to keep them in games.

The fumble isn't his fault but the INts are and his iniablity to put drives together he gets his share of the blame for.

You can show that all you want but I wasn't making excuses for sanchez like you guys are for henne. When I do that then you can show that info.

Now henne is getting credit for a pass against indy when he didn't even play? I didn't blame their O for that loss anyway.

I haven't blamed the Phins O for any of those losses but they were a aprt of the problem and deserved their share of the blame while you guys are trying to just blame the D.

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Yes. Keep saying it. Because that makes it less absurd, just saying it more.

LMFAO. OK. Yeah. No pressure on the guy to win with a division champion team sitting around him. Oh but I notice the pressure only flipped on (evidently 'pressure to perform' is like a switch, it's on or it's off) in Week 15. That was the time. Right then. Not Week 14 when we beat the Jaguars. Not Week 13 when we beat the Patriots. Week 15. It was right then.

And sure, he had his worst performances in those final three weeks. Except, oh wait he didn't. At least, not in any factual sense. In the complete fictional sense of a homerific Jets fan, I can see how you would think that. But as for facts, sorry but they're not on your side.
He had NO pressure coming in, you can believe it or not. I don't care. If he was starting that is something different but he didn't start ay of those 3 games

Please stop w/ the div championship stuff, most divisions change champs every year and we all know if Brady is healthy in 2008 they easily win the division. That's like saying in 1999 Rick Mirer then ray Lucas had a ton of pressure on them after Vinny went down b/c we won the division the year before OR in 2003 when Chad went down that Vinny had all the pressure on him b/c we won the div the year before. The div title had nothing to do w/ 2009 and being 0-3.

You are right,m I'm wrong. he was great those last 3 games. How could one not be impressed w/ leading his team to a total of 9 points in the first halves of the Ten and Hou games when they controlled their own destiny. He was spectacular.