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Every since I first saw Payton take the field for the Tennessee vols, I knew I would only be happy if he were to make love to me. He could explore my flesh folds however he saw fit, and maybe Eli and they Daddy, Archie could help too.

I have an extensive collection of VHS tapes of all of Paytuns games from College and the pros. Every other wednesday on bath night, I pull the TV and VCR into the bathroom, and I watch Paytin in his tight pants while I warsh myself and my unmentionables. Sometimes I fall into steamy fantasy while I'm soakin in the tub . . .

I dream of The Manning family visiting me in my trailer, and I proudly show them all the toenail clippings I've saved over the years, and my kitty litter statuettes. They all love my collections, and my art. Then I make a big meal of bacon fried mac and cheese for my handsome guests. then we take the leftover bacon grease and they rub it all over my naked quivering figure. Archie instructs his sons to make sure and get plenty of grease in between my flesh folds for maximum criscofication. They both say, "yes daddy." Then all three proceed to degrease my supple frame with they audibleizing tongue muscles.

After that, all three handsome Mannings lay on my bed so I can smother them with my fleshly love. After I sufficiently crush all three of they skulls in the throes of my pelvic passions, I'll drag them to the living room and prop them up on the couch and have some little debbies and whole milk (it expired last week, but it's still good). I'll give them hair dos and put some of Mama's (RIP) eye makeup on them an make em look even more handsomer. We all four will live in my trailer forever, and the county wont come over no more with nasty letters bout too much trash in my yard. That's not trash, dum dums! It don't bother nobody none! Git off my proprty! I'll shoot chu in the dicks!

No offense, but you look like Sloth from the Goonies.