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Do you live in Indianapolis? I read an article the other. Lots of ppl are missing their satellite dishes.
Naw, I lives in Defeated, TN. not none of them big uppity city like indianapplezz. Yall should stop by the trailer sometime fer some littel debbies n milk. maybe bring a few boxs of that fancy wine, and ifn ya play ya cards right, you might could do some sixty-nining with some of my flesh folds. please bring a bushel or two of some fresh hay, i need ta restuff my mattress. one of them sick cats got in there, and had a litter of sick kittens. then they all up and died when i come to bed one night. i reckon i crushed the little buggers. they musta been dead in there a long while too. i finally decided to check it out when the lumps in the mattress was givin me bedsores somethin fierce.