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Yeah, but it's not the "learnin' annex" in Defeated, TN. America's best and brightest have walked those hallowed halls.
well, you hit the opossum on the head there, friend x-pacolypse! Defeated, TN local legend, Quincy "Q-bert" Rosenblat got his vocal performance certificate from the learnin annex, and he went on to take blue ribbon at the all county yelling contest 2 years runnin! Lazy Susan Pappas got her sheepskin from the annex in fashion modelin, and she landed the cover page on the "dangers of flesh eatin skin conditions" pamphlet what you can pick up down at the free clinic? Quite prestigious! Mr. Dimples Horatio got his Dramaturgy certificate in the unauthorized acting methods of Corbin Bernsen, and he went on to live within the walls of Corbin Bersen's house undetected for over 3 months! Dimples said he loved watching Corbin sleeping at night, it was so peaceful. Dimples finally got found out when Corbin's cleaning lady discovered his hidey-hole in the crawlspace under Corbin's basement stairs. Dimples wasn't no freeloader though! he completely redecorated Corbin's basement walls with his own feces, at no charge? and how does corbin thank dimples? with a restrainin order!!! shoot, what an ingreat!

well, the list of success stories goes on and on!