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Thread: My rant :)

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    My rant :)

    I Am as disappointed as everyone here but i am keeping the faith. YEs we got tore up these last 2 weeks but i think were better than this. Someone has to tell sparano that u dont just game plan for moss, u gotta game plan for welker also......
    Chad henne- i have lost faith in him, seriously....... what is this guys deal? why does he keep makin the same bonehead mistakes year in and year out.....????? I am all for chad pennington in now. Im done with henne.
    Henning needs to be fired, i dont know what morano is waiting for. 5 yards out on everydown is not gettin us anywhere in this league, tell henning to go call pee wee football, scrub.
    Do we have a run game? why not use our probowl back ronnie brown?
    Defense- what needs to be fixed here? what the f is going on??????

    someone fill me in on what is going on with this team, i am in serious depression cause of these last 2 losses.......
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    Did you watch the game? We got beat by Woodhead, Ninkovich and Patrick "Wang" Chung, not Welker, Moss and Brady.
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    Henne has shown a lot of promise, and a lot of mistakes. Just because he's a step up from what we have previously had doesn't mean we should settle, however i am not ready to throw him out just yet. We're still talking about a guy only 17 games into his NFL career. A career filled with ridiculous play calling, tempo changes, and instability around him in general (injuries for example). His struggles right now really aren't the reason for this teams ineptitude, that falls on the coaching.
    "I told the team 7-9 is mediocre, and mediocrity is not going to be accepted here" - Tony Sparano

    "Well the cool breeze came on Tuesday, And the corn's a bumper crop
    And the fields are full of dancin' Full of singin' and romancin'
    The music never stopped." - Bob Weir

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