That unlikely uprising left the Miami Dolphins as the only team in the high-flying AFC without a 30-point game this season.
Sunday marked the 15th consecutive game under Henne that the Dolphins failed to exceed 25 points
Even the most recent 30-point explosion, which came almost a full year ago (Nov. 1 at the Jets), featured two special teams scores from Ted Ginn Jr. and another from the defense ( Jason Taylor).
Four trips to the Steelers' 21-yard-line or closer failed to produce a touchdown Sunday.
"Lack of efficiency and execution, that would be the thread," Sparano said. "If you're looking for me to say we should have done something different, that there was some magic out there, no, I'm not going to tell you that."

In other words, it's the players not the plays.
Read 'em and weep folks. Cold hard facts for you.,2654601.story