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Thread: WVDolphan's "Get Real" Today's subject "Lets do what we do"

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    WVDolphan's "Get Real" Today's subject "Lets do what we do"

    Well folks. November has rolled around. You know what that means. Its time for the cream to rise. Its time for the men to seperate themselves from the boys in the NFL. Its time for the teams who are hungry for playoffs and championships to step up and present themselves. Usually this is the time of the season when 1 or 2 teams really turns it on, gets in a groove, strings together some wins, and puts a strangle hold on the playoff positioning. Its about ****ing time the Miami Dolphins became that team!!! :windmill fistpump:

    So just how are we going to accomplish that? Well there is a way we could. We need to get back to doing what we do. We need to be who we are and have success doing it. We need to do what this team was built to do. PUNISH ******* with our rushing attack!

    Thats right. I hear a lot of talk about what we need to do to beat the Ravens and how their corners are vulnerable, which is true btw, and how we are struggling to convert passes in the redzone. Well you know what. None of that **** matters unless we can start running the ball the way we need to.

    As of right now, this team has TWO rushing touchdowns in 7 ****ing games. Thats pathetic.

    For all of the talk about Henne's 8 TDs, we lose sight of the fact that he is on pace for 18 or 19. That is not a big number, but who the hell expected Henne to have much more than 20 TDs in the first place?

    That isnt what we do. Thats not how this team was put together. It was designed to blow people off the LOS and control the game with our rushing attack. Thats why our TDs are down, more FGs are being kicked, we cant score in the redzone, and our total lack of production on offense is so far down. We havent ran the football well at all!!!!!!

    So what we really need to do is get back to what we do best. Or at least what we thought we would do best.

    Face it, Ronnie's production is way down and our interior OL just isnt getting the job done. If they were, we would be scoring more TDs. Granted, Henne has struggled in the redzone, but his job would be a lot easier if we could generate any kind of effective ground game down there.

    Did you guys know that we are 6-1 in games in which Henne attempts 30 passes or less. That means we are 5-8 in the games in which he throws more than 30 passes. So you tell me what our plan of attack should be?

    And dont give me "Well we cant just run it into a pile all the time, we have to throw it" or "The Ravens secondary is weak so we need to open it up" BS. Yes, picking on Fabian Washington should be in the plans. Their corners are suspect. But, we cant just go out there slinging it and expect to win.

    What we have to do is run the football. But, not just run it into a pile. We need to GOUGE their ****ing ***. We have to try and run it to be successful. If we cant run the ball effectively, we probably wont win anyway. But, we cant not try to do it. We have to not only try to run it as a primary weapon, but have success in doing so.

    If we go out there and run it 35 times, not get good plays out of it, and lose as a result, well then.......we lose. But, if we go out and throw it 42 times and run it only about 20 times, we are likely going to lose that way too. We have to run it and have success running it. Thats the key.

    Besides, if we start running the ball effectively, that brings in Ed Reed more for us to exploit those weak CBs they have out there. If we just try and throw it all day, Ed Reed will be roaming out there to help those CBs out and likely make some big plays on Henne.

    Now is the time phins. We have to start having success running the ball. And honestly, I think it starts with using Ricky as the primary ball carrier. He has had more success than Ronnie this year. Our linemen simply arent getting to the 2nd level to block anyone and that leaves little openings. Ricky explodes to the line more and can get 4 or 5 yards on slight openings. Ronnie needs more help from the OL to get to that 2nd level.

    A lot of this lack of success falls on the fact McQueefstain and Incognito simply arent getting the job done, despite how any of the coaches or fans on here try to spin it. These guys have to raise their game if we are going to make a move.

    It STARTS NOW!!!!!!! I say to you, Jake Long, Vernon Carey, Incognito, Berger, McQueefstain, Jerry, Fasano........LETS ****ING GO!! Its time to start punching people in the ****ing mouth and getting **** done. Its time to take over with good ol fashioned physical dominance.

    Running the ball is a lot of pure attitude. Its time for these guys to step up and be a ****ing animal out there. Its time to get it done. Its put up or shut up.

    This is when teams start to assert themselves. Are we going to be one of those teams or are we going to lay down?

    Ricky, get yo battle gear!! Its time to get after it. Were throwing it back on your shoulders. ****ing carry us there. Get ready once again for you to be the man who this franchise asks to take over.

    Its fallen on this guy year after year, even when he didnt want it to. But, we must ask him one more time to take this team on his back and carry us home.

    Thats my message to those players. Start taking over the LOS and start being accountable. If this group gets its act together, there is no reason we cant start rushing the ball better, especially in the redzone, score more points, and start enforcing our will on the opponent. The passing game will be much more effective as a result and our offense will be enhanced greatly.

    Its November. Where's your heart at? Where's your balls? Its grown man time. Its time to start running that *****!!!

    I dont give a **** who we play and what kind of defense they have. We have to challenge them with our rushing attack and be successful doing so if we are going to win. If we do that, we will certainly win games and we will find ourselves in position to grab a playoff spot.

    It starts on Sunday with the Ravens. Beat their *** at the point of attack. Send a message to the league. We are going to line up and pound the **** out of you with our run game!

    If we are able to gash them with some good runs, we can score in bunches on that team. Our passing game will open up for sure. If we cant run it, we arent going to beat them whether we try to or not.

    So thats the challenge. Ronnie you up to this ****? OL, TEs, Ricky, you guys ready? Then lets ****ing go men. Lets do this ****! Lets keep making plays on D and lets start getting back to doing what this team is about. If we do that, there isnt anything this team cant accomplish this season.
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