The opponent dictates the approach.

If you're facing the Bucs, yeah, you rush the hell out of them. They're pathetic against the run, but pretty good against the pass; you should run, a lot. Now... if you're facing, say, Green Bay? Pass, pass a lot. They're good against the run, but suck against the pass. Further, you focus on the TE, since it's their weaker position.

The basic mantra should be much like Belichick says: take away what they do best. Even if you have the very best rushing attack in the league (we don't), you don't just run into a wall. You study the matchup, and let it dictate where you go. I'm not talking about being one-dimensional; but rather, pick apart a team where they're weakest.

So, against Baltimore? I say hit them hard with Bess. Run, but only when you see favorable formations. Don't be stupid and run into that 1st and 10 wall, when they're just licking their chops to stop any running play cold. Run when they're in nickel; run when they're tired.

You can "establish our identity" all you want, but I prefer wins.