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Easier said than done. It is hard enough to find time to sift through the piles of BS, let alone attempt to change the discourse.

It is not looking good at 5-5, especially after being shutout at home for only the second time in the past forty years. I guess anything is possible, but I think we have no chance of capturing the division unless both Brady and Sanchez go down for the season (And even then I have a hard time seeing us win the East). We'll probably need to win-out or go 5-1 in order to secure one of the Wild Card spots. I would guess that 11-5 is going to be needed to make the playoffs, though, and even THAT might not be enough this year (Remember when the Patriots were left out of the playoffs two years ago despite going 11-5?). Do I see us going 5-1 or 6-0? No...but I guess anything is possible, right?

At this point, I'll be OK with 8-8. At least it would be a non-losing season. The team is quite young, and with a number of changes I think we can compete for the Super Bowl next year. Personally, though, I'd bring in a serious veteran QB to compete with Henne and draft a QB in the first-round if one falls to us. Thigpen is clearly nothing more than a journeyman.

After last's debacle, I aint saying shizzle about preferring to be in the POFO anymore. I was only jhoking about the isolationist comment but going out on the mainboard right now is like going out into a war zone. I know I'm sifting through it. It's ugly out there and rightly so. Last night should of been a Jim Mora moment for Sporano.