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Thread: Official PoFo Members Football Sub-Forum

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    The Fins need to shut down Long now. Whether he wants to be or not is irrelevant. This staff is risking the career of one of our best players. Is going 9-7 worth the risk of causing a career threatening injury? This is just another example of why this staff makes you constantly go, WTF?

    Count me among the group that has lost faith in this regime. I was a Sporano supporter, but his decision not to fire Henning is sheer stupidity. Combine that with his general lack of ability to manage a game, and well you get the point. This is his third year, and the team has actually regressed. I would fire Henning now and see what David Lee can do. If Sporano stays with henning, he can follow him out the door after this season. If he fires Henning, he might save his job, and we will find out if David Lee is any good or if we need to hire a "real" OC in the off-season. Any one with an IQ above 80, and most below, know Henning is no good. Cut your losses and move on.

    There are very few positives about this team right now, and that ultimately falls on the coaching staff.

    I have to thank Blitz for this idea.... I think, barring an invasion of the mind suckers, this could turn out well.
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