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Success is fleeting in the NFL. They do seem to have a lot of things going for them, and I can't pretend to know how this is going to play out.

But Reid is stubborn as hell, and he does not like being told what to do. McNabb, Westbrook, Dawkins, Trotter, Owens.......hes dumped some very good and very popular players. Philli rarely overpays, even when they probably should have with guys like Dawkins and Trotter.

I know this is different, and right now Vick is arguably the best QB in the game. Still, you have to believe Philadelphia would approach this in a prudent manner, taking into account Vick's injury history, style of play, and past transgressions, and offer him a 3-4 yr incentive laden deal. Then Al Davis or Snyder swoops in and offers 50 mil guaranteed.....
And you can't forget that they have Kolb as a fall back option. If Vick doesn't accept the deal they want to offer him and he walks, the cupboard isn't exactly bear at that position.