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Great game! It's good to see us dominate special teams, I'm so used to it being to other way around. This Indi game coming up is a must win...1) They will be competing against us for a playoff spot. 2) We need to stock up on wins in the next 3 weeks, because Seattle, NE, & San Fran will not be kind to us.

If we win vs Indi, Tenn, Buff X 2, and Jacksonville that gives us 9 wins. In this horrible AFC conference, 9 actually might be enough, but 10 should be an automatic playoff spot. This means we would only need to take 1 win from Seattle, San Fran, or NE x 2.
I agree the Indy game is a must win. Just as much as the jets game was. I feel confident about a win. We're on a winning streak right now and Philbin has proven to be a great game planner. Our D will be a big test for Luck. The jets destroyed the colts so I really like our chances. If we put the same pressure on Luck like we did with Sanchez while stopping their run game it will be a good day.