Next week can you actually give a ****?

I didn't actually spend money to see tonights game as the South Florida patrons did, but I felt bad for them irregardless. A completely uninspired performance, especially on offense. Really the only thing it inspired is me to stop watching with 12 minutes left. I mean I love torture as much as the next masochist, but if this team is going to play that heartless out there then at least do it on the road so the home fans wasting time and money don't have to tolerate these pathetic and disgraceful showings.

I get that we were banged up and on a short week, but to be shut out at home by an AVERAGE at best football team? Unreal. The Dolphins have lost to five 6 win teams or better yet this one, against the weakest of those teams was not even close. We were dominated from start to finish by that team.....absolutely ridiculous. I can't even tell you one positive that I saw. Don't tell me it was the play of the defense, who let a mediocre offense march up and down the field on them and got roasted on EVERY third down. The offense may have been putrid but the defense was only marginally better. If the Bears weren't so terrible and Jay Cutler such an erratic piece of garbage wed have lost that game by 40. Laughable.