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Thread: sexual nutrition

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    Busty sexual nutrition

    obviously from seeing viagra and extenze commercials all day every day, people are looking for something right? well how about natural enhancement.

    mushrooms - for stamina and strength.
    ginseng - adaptogen for energy, also relieves stress (dong quai iz the equivalent for the female body)
    seeds (any seed) - full of iron.any seed nourishes the genitals. even when eating an apple i pick the seeds out and swallow them when done. cherries too, i eat them and swallow the seeds like a vitamin.ive had great results with pepitas (u might wanna slow down if they are salted, you dont wanna be diabetic now do you?) try hemp seeds also.
    gingko biloba - enhances circulation.
    damiana - keeps you horny...
    tourmaline - ive heard of tourmaline vodka..
    nuts (duh!) - nuts wake me up, hmmm i feel like my nuts are awake. souse yourself with some coconut milk or almond milk...

    think like body building, eat before you work out, use these things before you stretch your **** men (no ****).
    and ladies these things will make di pum-pum phat, keep the beaver preserved.

    i'm sure theres more, post what you know..
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