I am so sick of this coaching staff and I intended last year to give Sparano this season to see where we are as a team. while we playing harder we are not playing smarter. our db's cant catch our qb cant throw, our runningbacks can dance Sparano loves field goals which is not a recipe for playoffs but were we headed to the playoffs ? I would say no because there is too many teams playing better right now.

for the first time in 40 years the Browns did something that they have not done in fourty years and that was beat Miami in Miami . why do we have the worst records for the worst of every single thing of football ?

they mentioned it on espn just now. we were noted for the worst trade in nfl history . the worst playoff record. ect....

I dont know who was our best offensive cordinators assistant coaches but I miss wr coach Robert Ford, I miss special teams coach Mike Westoff , I mis Mike Mularkey although i am not sure why, I miss scott Linehan who was so much better at changing plays.

this offensive cordinator gives a new meaning to the word terible Sparano is the biggest joke of a head coach . Rob Ryan would be a great head coach because he beleives in having a great secondary , having two really good tightends and carry only three runningbacks which we have 4 or 5 I like Rob Ryan but right now our biggest problems are at QB, WR, AND SECONDARY .

right now I want Dan Henning fired because nothing has changes and i even saw signs of this last year but I wanted to give Sparano one more year. well we cant afford to keep waitning we need leadership and a coach who coaches to win not this keep it close to the vest.