What's sad is that the dolphins offense moves the ball well when they're down.. it's when they're tied or up by 3 points they go stagnant with the playcalling. We went up on the Vikings early with a TD on our first drive... and then the offense didn't score another point for the game -- in the 3rd quarter the D scored a TD.. but the offense went into hibernation after the opening drive of the game.

Notice that our best drive of the cleveland game happened soon after the Browns went up 10-3.. we drove down and scored a TD.

The Jets went up 14-0 early in that game before you could blink... only then did the offense wake up with the playcalling and we scored 17 unanswered points to go up 17-14. If the Jets didn't score those 14 points initially, the Dolphins wouldn't have scored those 17... they'd probably just have a field goal at best so Tony Sparano can go ballistic on the sideline looking like the total fool that he is.

At the start of the 3rd quarter and throughout in the Raiders game , the Dolphins went ultra conservative even though Asomugha was out of the game and they had their nickel corner out as well... they had to put their safety Huff at corner and they had a 5th round rookie at the other corner.... it didn't matter, the dolphins went super-conservative anyway.

The dolphins were very lucky that the offense didn't turn it over and that the Miami defense kept forcing three and outs because the dolphins were letting the raiders hang around way too long in the 2nd half of that game... I am sure everyone here wasn't feeling too comfortable for most of the 3rd and 4th quarters because it felt like we were dominating and should have been up by 20+ points, yet were only up by 9 until that Ricky run with 3 minutes left.

It was the same against Buffalo. The Dolphins got a 10-0 lead then went into ultra-conservative mode. The Dolphins DOMINATED that game but the Bills still had a chance to win at the end as they had one final possession to score in the 4th quarter after they went to a spread offense scoring a TD on the previous drive... this should have never happened.

If Fitzpatrick was playing instead of Trent Edwards, we probably lose the Buffalo game with our stupid approach and philosophy.

We were up 7-6 at halftime against the Patriots.. but it felt like we should have been up 20-6 because the dolphins were dominating them. You just knew that one point wasn't enough and that the Pats would eventually adjust and break out (because they're just too good), and that's exactly what they did.

This has been a recurring theme for a long time. Just look at Miami's offensive stats when they are down compared to when they're tied or up.. ITS a huge difference.

We only got into the red zone one time out of 16 offensive possessions against the Browns... and that one possession only occurred after we were down by 7.

that's why we lost. Not Nolan Carroll.

We play not to lose instead of playing to win. Dan Henning emphatically said that's how we operate.. Now THAT should get the Fans excited !!