I feel like I did pretty well at drafting a team as a whole, there were like 4 of us drafting. I feel like I came out with a pretty good team. My philosophy was to try to get young players who were strong/fast, with decent awareness (not necessarily) and with some decent stats that they could develop on. I also tried to incorporate as many Dolphins as I could haha



-Vince Young, 80 OVR (My plan wasn't to just abuse his speed, he was the best available passer when I picked a quarterback)
-Matt Leinart, 72 OVR

-Adrian Peterson, 98 OVR (My 1st pick)
-Ryan Mathews, 79 OVR
-Mike Goodson, 65 OVR
-Danny Woodhead, 61 OVR

-Lousaka Polite, 91 OVR

(My goal was to get guys with decent speed, agility, route running, and release)
-Roddy White, 93 OVR
-Kenny Britt, 79 OVR
-Hester, 78 OVR (Kick returner)
-Bess, 74 OVR (I use him in the slot, I really wish I had his updated stats, he has 95 route running and is like mid 80's overall)
-Brandon Tate, 68 OVR
-Harry Douglas, 66 OVR
-Jacoby Ford, 60 OVR (his stats blow, but he's my back up kick returner)


-Aaron Hernandez, 71 OVR
-Jared Cook Jr., 68 OVR (this guy is a secret gem, he's a great receiving tight end)
-Zach Potter, 59 OVR (late round guy, I figured I'd get him because he was 6' 7")

For the O-line I'll just list the starter and back up's overalls:
(I really wanted a solid line w/ depth)

LT: 89, 75
LG:85, 82
C: 79
RG: 79, 70
RT: 86

-Vernon Gholston, 75 OVR
-Eric Foster, 69 OVR

-Osi Umenyiora, 83 OVR
-Lawrence Sidbury, 67 OVR

-Terrence Cody, 72 OVR (hope he develops into a beast)
-Trevor Laws, 66 OVR
-Anthony Montegomery, 66 OVR
(I wish I would've drafted Paul Soliai to develop with Cody, but in the update we had he was in the 60's and wasn't get as much recognition then)


-Brian Orakpo, 85 OVR
-Cameron Wake, 73 OVR (I REALLY wish I had him with updated stats!)
-Steve Octavien, 62 OVR

-Curtis Lofton, 88 OVR
-Rocky Mcintosh, 79 OVR
-Sean Lee, 69 OVR
-Jason Williams, 61 OVR (He makes a very good outside linebacker back up)

-Brad Jones, 73 OVR
-Clint Sintim, 71 OVR

CB: (I wanted players with good press/man and solid zone)
-Vontae Davis, 82 OVR (updated stats would be nice, once again)
-Kyle Wilson, 76 OVR
-Patrick Robinson 75 OVR
-Kareem Jackson, 73 OVR
-Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, 68 OVR
-Brian Witherspoon, 52 OVR (he sucks, but if Hester and Ford ever both go down, I've got a 3rd returner lol)

-Brian Meriweather, 89 OVR
-Usama Young, 68 OVR
-Rashad Jones, 64 OVR

Kenny Philips, 78 OVR
Taylor Mays, 71 OVR