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Thread: Fire Sparano and Fire Henning after this game. Please.

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    Game over tony
    Shoulda been fired after the end of last season
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    Quote Originally Posted by hayjay2000 View Post
    I would normally agree, and To Clarify: I am NOT a Henning/Sparano supporer. I think it's time for a new Head Coach and OC, BUT realistically, it just won't happen. We all know it won't this year, we'll need to have a bad season next year for a Head Coaching change to occur. And if i'm wrong, i'll be MORE than happy to eat crow, but Realistically, it just won't happen. We've got one more year of AT LEAST Sparano (given that there IS NFL Football next year...)
    I disagree. If Stephen Ross is worried about a lockout he should do the smart thing and promote Mike Nolan. That way you have a guy that's familier with these players.
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