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Thread: God someone please tell me Spuirrer isnt coming to miami

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    God someone please tell me Spuirrer isnt coming to miami

    he is the last person i want coaching this team, his ego is so big, that he wont adjust his offensive sceme, like mike martz was in the super bowl agains new england. we mine as well get rid of ricky, cause he hates running the ball and big bruiser backs. that and he is probably the stupidest nfl coach in ever, the reason ramsey and hasselback get hit so much has nothing to do with the line s*cking, cause washington actully has a pretty good line, i heard taht the reason there quarterbacks get killed is cause spurrier runs the same oline scemes he ran in college. that alone should show how much of an idiot he is, you can run college O-line scemes against NFL defenses there are too may blitz packages and stunting, id rather have wanny for another year then Spurrier
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    Could this be merged with the other two?

    After he laid out N.Y. Giants cover boy Frank Gifford and forced a fumble, "Concrete Charlie" Bednarik stood over Gifford's motionless body and emphatically declared.......

    This game is over!
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