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I'm sure they both sucked
No, just one of them. I feel bad about the guidance counselor. Poor woman, the last thing she needed was my BS. My junior English teacher on the other hand, he got what was coming to him. I'll give him credit, though. By the end of my junior year, we couldn't stand each other. The first day of school my senior year, that dude came up to me and said "Hey Jayson, how you doing? How was your summer?" I just stood there and looked at him completely puzzled. I mean, the last time I saw the guy, he broke his pencil and stormed out of the gym because I ignored every question he asked me while I was doing free weights. So, I give him credit for being willing to try and bury the hatchet.

I'll tell you another teacher who really did "suck." My anatomy teacher in my senior year. The first semester of my senior year was unique in the fact that I went to two schools. 1st period, I went to a public school to participate in Marine Corps ROTC. Then after that first period, I would go back to the private school I was at finish the rest of the day there. So, I told my anatomy teacher that I would always be a few minutes late to 2nd period because of the distance between schools. She acknowledged this at the time, and I figured everything was good to go. Well, so much for that..... first day I come into her anatomy class the stupid whore has the nerve to ask me where I've been. So, I replied: "I was at ROTC, remember? I told you about this." She said: "Oh, OK. Just go ahead and sitdown."

Well, you think that would be the end of this Q&A session, but it wasn't. Every DAMN day for the next couple of weeks she asked the same damn question everytime I came in. It got so ridiculous to the point that I actually showed up in full uniform, fatigues, and all just to finally drive the point through her thick ****ing skull as to why I was late to her class everyday. Guess what happened??? I show up and like ****ing clockwork she asks: "Jayson, where have you been?" Well at that point I'm like: "You know what? I'm leaving, have a great class you dumb b*tch." I mean, I could never understand why she did this to me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Plus, I had a solid B in her class as well. I just never understood what her ****ing problem was.