It looks like WalMart is selling stuff from the Dolphin store or some major site. ... or go to WalMart & search on Miami Dolphins

I was looking for closeouts on Dolphins gear & stumbled on to it. Its fascinating just to see the wide variety of stuff that is availalble. Did find a Boys .. Ronnie authentic jersey marked down to $12 ... probably fit some gals!!

Alot of items are Autographed. Alot of items are bizzarre ... replica stadium enclosed in plexiglass. Even original art that is autographed. Alot of old & 1972 stuff.

i.e. I thought this was at least a decent price (On Sale), considering the cost of jerseys & the BEST QB EVER!! ...
Dan Marino Autographed Jersey | Details: Miami Custom Dark Teal jersey has been personally hand signed by the Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino. Order Online $374.99 Was $589.99

Its a trip looking at all the items if you are a Dolphin fan!!