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Thread: Fcuk it- let's go jets!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiral View Post
    I know it's our heated rivals but I'm sick of seeing the Steelers and especially Rothelisberger. I'm all for some new storylines. Plus the fans of that team have had to endure some painful seasons.
    are you fu'king.................mad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gattis View Post
    If the jets win it all they will be less hungry next year, which is good for us. If they lose another AFC championship game they will be hungrier than ever. Though on the other hand, a demoralizing, blow-out loss to the Steelers might damage their confidence enough to hurt them. Either would be fine by me, I just don't want them to lose by a couple points.
    i dont know whether or not they would be less hungry or not, but if that was the case, i wouldnt like it anyways. thats the last thing i want. i like the competition.

    think about it. imagine if the jets win this week and win the superbowl on feb 6th, even if they went 6-10 the following season, all we would hear when we argue with jet fans is '' who cares, we just won the superbowl, what have you guys won lately'', etc. i rather there streak of not making the superbowl continue to 43 years plus, and let them be hungry and keep suffering.

    a superbowl by the jets would be horrible for us, and jet fans as annoying as they are now, will be 20x worse.
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